Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a cancer of the skin. Shortly after his cancer diagnosis, he read a study in the Journal of the cancer treatment Institute that showed that THC reduced tumor cell growth in mice. Simpson was already a fan of medical cannabis and he used it to treat tinnitus and dizziness after falling and hitting his head years ago. So he decided to treat his skin cancer with cannabis oil.

According to Simpson’s account, he whipped up a homemade extract and applied it directly to the cancerous mole, covering it with a bandage. Four days later he removed the bandages and claimed the tumor was gone.

Simpson then began growing and growing his own cannabis to perfect his custom oil blends. After health and government groups such as the Cancer Society ignored his findings, he began promoting the medical effects of cannabis to others. He made a YouTube documentary “Run From the Cure” and wrote a book called The Rick Simpson Story. He gave RSO away for free until he was ordered to stop for legal reasons.

Controversy and Imitation

Although he is one of the most recognizable figures in the medical cannabis community, Simpson has also attracted controversy and skepticism. He has drawn outrage from doctors and medical experts for the lack of scientific research or clinical trials to support his claims.

Simpson still has advocates who claim to have successfully used his oil concoction to treat cancer. But on his website, Simpson says many countries no longer produce or supply oil due to its illegality. He has also stated that he wants to cut ties with all online vendors claiming to supply Rick Simpson Oil.

Simpson claims that the only way patients can use their own oil mixture is to produce it themselves. Simpson’s site has instructions and FAQs. In addition to highly flammable solvents, RSO’s recipes include a variety of household items such as small containers, coffee filters, electric rice cookers, large pans, stainless steel measuring cups, coffee warmers or ovens. A recipe found on his website shows how to produce 60 grams of RSO oil over the recommended 90-day treatment period.

Please note that in the States it is illegal for non-professionals to produce solvent-based concentrates such as RSO. Also, creating an RSO is risky. The work area must be well-ventilated, free of agents (sparks, open flames, etc.) that could ignite solvent fumes.

If you are interested in using RSO, it is much safer to purchase from a licensed vendor.

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