From fairytale-esque buildings to delightful food and friendly persons, the Baltics are becoming increasingly popular as a destination for travel around. That is no surprise, simply because the three state governments that make up this breathtaking region of Europe are a true gemstone.

Riga, Estonia and Lithuania are usually beautiful cities that features a mix of historical properties and modern day facilities. It’s not hard to see so why these Handmade capitals are getting to be popular meant for travellers trying to find a loving break or just a little fun with friends.

Tallinn, Estonia is one of the many sought after spots in the Baltics, any where the ancient plus the technologically advanced add up easily. The UNESCO-protected Old Village is a must find out, with its sale paper watchtowers and soaring stone walls.

Latvia is yet another great choice for a romantic visit to the Baltics, combining fabulous art nouveau architecture with the bustling city hub. The capital is a delightful, colourful destination to spend time which is also known for its cafe latvian mail order brides culture.

Kaunas, Lithuania is another interesting destination for a intimate holiday in the Baltics. The other greatest city in the country and a cultural killer spot, Kaunas is an excellent place to start your grand adventure. With its different history, a beautiful old interface and battles, it’s a different destination to visit for virtually any traveller.

Haapsalu, Estonia is another popular destination inside the Baltics, any that draws in tourists due to the spa way of life. This beach town is also home into a castle and interesting museums.

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