Canna-Pet’s CBD products are not psychoactive and therefore not “pet pot”. Our CBD dog treats are specially formulated with a keen awareness of the benefits of whole plant extracts, including several hemp terpenes and flavonoids. We regularly test all of our ingredients and recipes to ensure the highest quality of service for both our human and canine customers.

Treating your dog with Canna-Pet’s CBD is different from regular marijuana edibles and won’t elevate your pooch. However, with regular use of cbd dog treats for pain products, you may notice positive changes in your dog’s temperament. We attribute this to the wide range of phytochemicals we use to make our CBD dog treats. The phytochemicals are specifically formulated to create what we call the “Canna-Pet Entourage Effect.” The “entourage effect” means that if you take CBD products regularly, you get the therapeutic benefits of whole plant extracts and high-quality hemp that give other CBD pet products a run for their money.

How to Use CBD Dog Treats
Canna-Pet dog biscuits are not medicines. They are organic benign hemp products that can be safely fed to pets. The best thing about hemp CBD for dogs is that you don’t have to adjust your dog’s current medication or supplement schedule. Just add our puppy treats to your pet’s existing diet and supplements, and you’ll soon find that your fur baby is feeling the benefits.

Giving your dog CBD treats is easy because our flavored biscuits taste great. We’re sure they won’t know the difference between hemp CBD treats and regular doggie treats. For best results, we recommend that pet owners try Canna-Pet CBD Dog Treats for one month. At that point, note any changes in your pet. You will notice that they are in less pain, have a healthier appetite, or show less anxiety or aggression. With a 100% money back guarantee on all products, we are sure that you and your four-legged friend will be satisfied with the results of our CBD Biscuits. Of course, pet owners are advised to discuss CBD supplementation with their veterinarian to make sure it fits their dog’s individual needs.


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