You can buy specialist best cannabis nutrients for coco and many coco fibre growers would only use specialist coco nutrients. These often come in two bottles, ‘A’ and ‘B’, which are diluted and then mixed. Of course, you can also supplement these with slow release organic nutrients such as BioTabs.

When and how to use nutrients for hydroponic cannabis?

When growing hydroponic cannabis, the plants depend completely on the grower for nutrition. There is no slow release soil action to supply an ongoing release of nutrients. Instead, the successful hydroponics grower has to manage all the necessary technical challenges in order to ensure that the hydroponic plants are maintained in the nutrient sweet spot from seed to harvest. This isn’t necessarily easy, many growers prefer growing in soil/coco.

Hydroponics cannabis grow guide

How to identify cannabis nutrient issues and fix them?

Using your experience, or an online nutrient deficiencies guide, you can often spot signs of nutrient issues from the plant/leaf appearance. Fixing nutrient issues is generally more difficult than preventing them.

Soil growers seeing serious nutrient issues may wish to flush their soil with plenty of pure water for several days in a row and then try to ‘start again’ with nutrient additions. But depending on the severity of the issues, a fix may not always be possible or easy.

If you have struggled repeatedly with the complexities of cannabis nutrients it may be worth considering a different grow method completely. One option that may minimise your nutrient struggles is to grow in large containers (50-75 litres) of good quality soil with some slow release nutrients such as those from BioTabs. You may only need to add water through the grow, or perhaps water them with a light general purpose bloom feed in the last month or so.

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