There’s nothing not to love about the decadent flavors of our chocolate protein bars, high CBD Protein Bar, or meal bars. The flavor of chocolate has been tempting the human tongue since 1500 BC. They were the first to grow cocoa beans as a domestic crop for an endless supply of this savory candy.

Growing wild in the Olmec region for about 10,000 years, the cocoa tree was so important that crops had to be tamed to provide a constant supply of this good. Around 250 AD, it disappeared from the region to make room for a chocolate-worshipping community that allowed only the elite to enjoy the lavish taste of the gods.

Communities waged war over the flavors found in chocolate protein bars, high protein bars, and meal bars. Chocolate, the taste God gave us, was worthy of life and kingdom to our early inhabitants. The Aztec Nation won that victory and the chocolate, but they couldn’t win the final battle to keep the “xocalatl” flavor unique. Communities added the first coffee tax to the beans they left behind.

Today we have to pay homage to Christopher Columbus by indulging in amazing chocolate-flavored protein shakes, nutritious meal replacement bars, and all the other fantastic chocolate-flavored supplements. During one of Christopher Columbus’ expeditions, he found a trading canoe loaded with cocoa beans. Assuming they are a new variety of almonds; He confiscated things.


And the rest of the chocolate saga is present-day history. Today, this amazing taste from the gods is available to those who choose to engage in a healthy lifestyle routine through a great selection of chocolate protein bars, high protein bars, protein shakes and meal replacement bars.

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