If you’re a part of the cannabis community, you would know well that the list of strains, accessories and methods of consumption is never-ending, and it keeps growing. No matter how much we think we know a lot about cannabis, we’re still constantly and slowly discovering new things in it, and with that, their unique effects.

Take the practice of Vapes & Flowers terpenes, for instance. While terpenes are gaining popularity very fast, many people aren’t aware that this chemical compound is responsible for the cannabis plant’s distinct aromas and flavors. In fact, there’s much more to terpenes than just the recreational aspects, as you will find out in this comprehensive article on what vaping terpenes is all about. So, let’s clear the smoke once and for all!

What are Terpenes?

Before we go into the nuances of vaping terpenes, let us first understand what terpenes are. Cannabis enthusiasts are used to hearing about them on cannabis-related podcasts or while reading the dispensary’s product packaging. The fun thing to know is, terpenes are actually everywhere, even outside of the world of cannabis.

They’re basically organic, highly fragrant chemical compounds that occur in all kinds of plants. More specifically, they’re found in the essential oil of plants and flowers.

We can thank terpenes for the refreshing feeling we get from a whiff of lemon or say the calming pleasure we get from eucalyptus. Terpenes are the reason behind all of our favorite scents in nature, such as pine, lavender, and rosemary – and not to mention, cannabis.

It’s because of their aromatic properties, terpenes are often added to make-up, perfumes, lotions, insect repellents, and cleaning products. Your handy lip gloss or favorite perfume are likely to have terpenes in them.

On top of being incredible for aromatherapy, scientists have now started studying terpenes for their possible health benefits. In fact, some terpenes found in cannabis have the potential to work on both physical and mental ailments.

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